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Reiki helps you feel more calm, content and serene, it helps you to feel more positive and better able to cope, less affected by stressful people and stressful situations. Reiki can help to introduce some balance into your life on all levels. It promotes natural healing and can affect your health in a positive way. Many people have also found that Reiki has helped to fill a spiritual need , giving them a simple, non dogmatic system to use to experience their spiritual side without having to embrace any particular belief system.

Session work is hugely beneficial to reduce stress, can improve healing as it can successfully be combined with other healing modalities, boosting their effect, it can help you with pain management and cope with long standing problems, it can also help you feel more centered and ready to take on life.


During a session I will take a short history however our main focus will be on the reiki session. Afterwards you are given a short time to have some water, ground yourself and give a little feedback.

Reiki is a non talking therapy, and in fact it is better for you to give yourself time to fully let the session sink in and absorb its effects. Each treatment is tailored to you, your needs and I will offer you all that I feel is needed in your session. You should set aside an hour and a half for your session. To book your reiki session please either call or text me on or email me helenehealing hotmail. About courses : How do I learn Reiki? Reiki is traditionaly taugh in 3 or 4 levels : 1st degree, 2nd degree, Master Practitioner and Master level. Reiki works for everyone, so you do not need any special qualities, you do not even need to believe in Reiki… It will still work for you.

All you need is an open mind. The training I have put in place for you gives you access to quality teaching material, a broad scope of techniques to work with, ongoing support and lots of practical work. Training from level 1 right through to Master teacher gives you access to 60 hours of face to face training as well as home study hours, so that you get to know all the aspects of working with Reiki and are comfortable with them. To book a course please check the course dates page and get in touch either by phone or text or by email helenehealing hotmail. These are a quick few lines for more information please call, text or email me.

I look forward to meeting you. Call or text on Or email me at: helenehealing hotmail. Menu Skip to content. Reiki share. Please note that you can also take these 2 levels separately, ask me for details The prerequisite for this course is to have studies Usui Reiki to 2nd Degree. New date coming soon, Please do get in touch to register your interest The workshop is taken over a weekend working from 10 am till 4. In this course you will learn: -The origins of Karuna Ki -4 Practitioner Level 1 symbols, activation and uses -4 Practitioner Level 2 symbols, activation and uses -Healing the Shadow Self -Practical work -Working with guides -Chanting and Toning -You will receive the Practitioner 1 attunement as well as the Practitioner 2 attunement.

If you are working at this level and have now completed your Usui Master Teacher Level please get in touch if you wish to organise the Master teacher course over a weekend, which will focus on the following aspects -4 Master level symbols and their applications — How to give attunements -Chanting and toning developing your intuition — 4 Karuna Ki Do meditations -Specific Karuna Scanning techniques using mudras.

The prerequisite for this course is to have studied to Usui Master Teacher level. This is general information about Reiki, sessions and courses, for more details please check all the Reiki pages. Reiki is a simple Japanese energy balancing technique and spiritual system that can be used for your own self-healing and your spiritual development. Where is reiki from? One hundred thousand thank-yous.

I find the websites online with the newsletters and other resources very useful helpful and enlightening. A very interesting 5 weeks which really opened my eyes to how amazing and beneficial Reiki is for animals. Thank you very much Kathleen. I have learned so much about me and animals. I learned how we are so connected to animals. I worry less about technique and focus more on being open to love and compassion through which Reiki heals.

Reiki Guided Healing Meditation 5 Sessions 2hr Ocean Visuals Relaxation Stress Anxiety Peace & Sleep

Thank you- Many Blessings! The course helped me develop direction and a plan for deepening my practice. Her incredible experience helped us to interpret and understand our own experiences, often turning what I found frustrating into a kernel of encouragement.

reiki | Highland Healing Space

This course has brought me closer to my goal of offering Reiki to shelter animals and has brought me even closer to my five cats and myself. With each week of the course it became clear where my Reiki practice was taking me as the layers upon layers peeled away, revealing what I needed to feel, and what I needed to see in order to grow as an Animal Reiki practitioner. This course was just what I needed at this point in my practice! Kathleen in an amazing teacher with a beautiful spirit and I am forever grateful for her teachings!

Her wisdom and dedication to all of her students is so humbling and I am honored to be one of them. Doing your online course helped deepen my daily practice with Bibi, my cat who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Your open answers to my questions plus the practical exercises and tips in your notes were invaluable.

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This course provides guidance with particular approaches to many different situations in a caring, supportive manner. Whether they be companion or domestic animals, or even of the wild animal kingdom, happy, timid or aggressive, healthy, ill or transitioning, dealing with traumatic backgrounds or otherwise, she invites us to development an even deeper, more meaningful connection with them through her teachings. Thank you for your calm wisdom, validation, and encouragement. More than anything, you teach compassion, both for animals and for ourselves. I cannot express to you how very fortunate I feel to have had this opportunity to learn from you and received your amazing guidance.

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  • I am truly grateful for this opportunity of studying animal reiki through you. It truly has changed my outlook on life. Thank you, from my whole heart: — Maria R. It was a great pleasure, and an honor, to be among the students who took part in the Level 1 and Level 2 Animal Reiki classes held in October and November at Bright Haven.

    As a nurse practitioner who, one year ago, decided to follow my bliss and learn healing therapies for animals, Reiki was a MUST. After hearing what Reiki has to offer an animal or person anytime, anywhere, I knew I wanted to learn Reiki and incorporate this wonderful healing modality into my life. The classes are casual, informative, and often emotional. Her warmth is captivating. Bright Haven is the perfect venue for learning Reiki. Gail and Richard have created a place of harmony and peace where animals live — and die — with grace and love.

    Blessings, — Karen H, CA. Kathleen has been so helpful in increasing my awareness with Reiki and animals.

    Meditative Reiki Healing Has Been Known To Heal The Following:

    She has taught me to trust Reiki so that I may connect more deeply with the animals. I highly recommend taking a class with her to deepen your understanding of working with animals. I loved Reiki 1 for Animals— the excellent instruction by Kathleen, the material, the small class size, the location, the animals. It was a five star event that surprised me as it had an Eastern philosophy with which I resonate; note the five precepts: for today only do not anger; do not worry; be humble; be honest in your work; be compassionate to yourself and others.

    I recommend this class to anyone who loves animals and wants to learn how to heal themselves, the animals, and the world. Kathleen Prasad is a gentle warrior with keen insight! I took her Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum and found her to be a true champion for the animals and for me as I practiced Reiki healing.

    Working with the hospice animals instilled me with the faith they show in receiving each day with the hope that all will be theirs and the charity they exuded in allowing us to provide them with Reiki treatments. And this was all possible because Kathleen was there to give my class the guidance we needed to practice Reiki with these very special animals. The Animal Reiki teleclass with Kathleen was exactly what I needed.

    I had been instructed in Reiki via the western tradition. That was all I thought that I wanted. Learning how to approach the various be-ings was just the tip of the iceberg. How to connect and listen to them, to feel the energy, and to learn to be Reiki. I have never felt so a part of my furry and feathered friends lives. I am excited to continue this journey. Looking forward to each curve in the road to see what will appear next.

    Thank you Kathleen. The Core Curriculum Teleclass helped me to strengthen the foundation of my animal Reiki practice. Sharing experiences with Kathleen and the other participants was most insightful and enjoyable.