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Cowboy lassos suspected thief On Friday morning, a damsel found herself in distress and a man perched on his horse came galloping to her rescue. This would seem like a scene straight from a Western movie except the incident happened in the parking lot of an Eagle Point shopping center. Robert Borba, armed with just a rope, put his lassoing skills to use when he heard someone cry out for help.

Robert Borba sprang into action to help a woman in Oregon. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Licking his lips, he forced himself to absolutely not look at Adrian's mouth.

Fort Worth Police Looking For Cowboy Credit Card Thief

Rather senile and even more so when he sneaks into Eric's brandy. For some reason, he thinks the poor guy is a pink elephant. Pink elephants are the bane of Uncle Albert's brandy habits.


Adrian didn't seem at all phased by what had just happened. Glancing down at the pad, he looked over what he could see. Before Jamie could turn it, he held out his hand to the page.

Cowboy and the Thief

These are nothin' compared to my portfolio. Jamie shrugged. I've done a variety of pieces, for a variety of prices. Just depends on what the customer wants. He opened his mouth to say something more, but DeSalvo's butler appeared at the top of the stairs. Williams, Mr. DeSalvo will see you now.

When Adrian stepped forward, a loud crash came from upstairs near the second floor landing. A second later, a large red parrot flew down the stairs, chased by a small red-headed boy. See All Customer Reviews.

Cowboy lassoes would-be bike thief in Walmart parking lot

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USD 9. Overview What do a jewel thief, a stain glass artist cowboy, pink elephants, and a Nostradamus-believing faith healer all have in common?

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Not a damn thing--unless you're Adrian Williams, jewel thief extraordinaire--or Jamie Holland, the stain glass artist who stumbles into Adrian's world. From pink elephants to diamonds--and traipsing in a park fountain to making out wherever they can, Jamie and Adrian have their hands full.

And somehow, somewhere along the way, they manage to fall in love. Updated Feb.

Parking lot cowboy lassos bike thief outside Walmart

Late Wednesday, police said on Facebook, the dummy "mysteriously" reappeared at the restaurant. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call or email crimetips cityofcarrollton. Tom Steele , Breaking News Producer. Tom has covered breaking news for The Dallas Morning News since He has worked in a number of other capacities for The News since , and he was previously a copy editor at The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, Fla.